This is the part of the website that is 1/2 documentation, 1/4 fond memories, 1/4 humiliation - with hopefully a little extra inspiration thrown in for good measure.  I thought this would be a neat area to share some old pictures and certificates that document the great time I had 20 years ago as a result of creating the original story.  I remember that putting this book together was hard work, but it was also a lot of fun.  Though I missed out on a few neighborhood baseball games, I reaped the rewards from putting the time and effort that was needed into completing this project.  Now, as I look back 20 years later, I enjoy the pictures and certificates that I still have from being selected as a Young Author's winner - back then, I was just happy that I got to skip school for a 1/2 day to attend the conference!  Seriously though, the point I'm basically trying to get across is this: parents - if you have a kid that has a chance to participate in the Young Author's program at their particular school, be sure to encourage them; and for any kids reading this - put in the time and effort needed to create a story that you like and have fun will be worth it then and it will be worth it even more when you are older.

As you will see in the following pictures, the 80's featured some really ridiculous clothes.  1985 was a big year for breakdancing, and yes, I thought I could breakdance with the best of them (naturally, I was completely wrong).  Anyway, if you were going to be a cool breakdancer, you had to have - parachute pants!  Yes, those are parachute pants I'm wearing in the following pictures...and check out the matching I didn't get beat up in school wearing those ridiculous clothes, I'll never know. 

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Yeah, I'm the cool guy in the snazzy threads.  Watch out ladies! I'm missing a 1/2 day of school for this - totally awesome! I can't believe they stuck me next to a pink cat named 'Boots' - Sheesh!

I will be putting together some inside thoughts into what inspired events, plot points, characters, etc., when writing the original book (and how it may influence the new book as well) in the near future for this section...think of it as a DVD director's commentary, but for a book.

The 1984 short story: The Adventures of Hershey the Candy Bar

Although I refer to the book I wrote in 1985 as the "Original Story" (mainly because it was used as more of a jumping off point for the new series of books than this one) this short, 3-page story is really what started The Candy Bar Adventures

I still remember my reasoning for writing this story.  First of all, it was for the Young Author's project that our 4th grade class was participating in.  But from a more personal standpoint, I wrote it more as a testament on being able to make new friends.  You see, I moved to a new area and a new school the summer before 4th grade.  Being a shy kid, it was incredibly scary to try and make new friends.  Well, by the time I wrote this story it was near the end of the school year and I had already made a few new friends.  So, this first short story was really a way for me to kind of put that whole experience into words. 

The Adventures of Hershey the Candy Bar began with Hershey having to move to a new planet.  Later, he would have to go on a dangerous mission with his good friend Snick to fight the evil Mard.  Well, his friend Snick gets killed at the end and Hersh says to himself "I'll make new friends."

Simple story that was my 9-year old way of telling myself - "Hey, I had to move someplace new, and though I had to leave old friends behind, I was able to make new friends...and I'll continue to make new friends."  So, yeah, a little sappy to be sure, but hey that whole situation can be nerve-wracking for adults as well.

Without further ado, here are the scanned images of the story that really started it all back in 1984:


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