Name: Hersh


Hersh E. Bar was originally named "Hershey Bar" in the 1984 short story and the original 1985 story I wrote as a kid. 

In the new adventures...

While Hersh patterns himself after his favorite fictional superspy - Sugah Cane - he's not quite as smooth as Mr. Cane.  In fact, he routinely "saves the day" in spite of see, despite his knack for creating brilliant, heroic plans, Hersh is not so skilled in executing those plans - he's a bit clumsy and awkward.  It is through the great teamwork of his sidekicks Mick & Snick, as well as his own dumb luck, that Hersh is able to defeat the villain time and time again. 

Simply stated, Hersh is  "The Mind" of the Hero Squad

Name: Mick


Mick also went by the name of Milk E. Way in the original 1985 story

In the new adventures...

Whereas Hersh is clumsy and awkward - Mick is smooth, cool, and can execute a plan perfectly no matter what the situation...naturally, Hersh and Mick are best friends which helps to form a formidable Hero Squad. 

Simply stated, Mick is "The Body" of the Hero Squad

Name: Snick


Snick also went by the name of Snickers and was mentioned briefly in the original 1985 story (he was actually killed at the end of the 1984 short story!). 

In the new adventures...

Snick is the third team member of the Hero Squad.  Snick's strength is motivation, including the ability to find humor in even the most dire of situations - for which he acknowledges with his patented "snicker". 

Simply stated, Snick is "The Spirit" of the Hero Squad





















































Name: Mard


Mard was the original villain featured in the 1984 short story and the original 1985 story.

In the new adventures...

Mard is once again the main villain.

The evil Mard loves being evil.  He lives for the opportunity to spout "evil" one-liners and exchange witty, evil banter with whomever is opposing him.  Mard is a sad soul really.  His hollow chocolate core yearns for love & respect and he thinks that can only be achieved by becoming rich & famous in the world of candy...and being evil is the easiest path for him to achieve this.  In Mard's eyes, being infamous is just as good as being famous; simply taking what others have worked hard for is better than working honestly for his own wealth. 

Mard and his evil band of cronies have their eyes set on the ultimate prize - The Castle of King & Queen Caramel...the richest and most revered of leaders in the land.

Name: Mard's assorted cronies


Mard's assorted cronies are made up of those who got left all alone at the bottom of the candy dish...sweet fortune seemed to always pick the candy to the left and to the right of them.  A life filled with rejection, ridicule, and mocking left these assorted candies ripe for evil influence...and thus, they quickly jumped aboard Mard's bandwagon with promises that they will eventually get to turn the table on those who have filled their lives with sourness.

Name: Al-Mon Joie


Al-Mon Joie is a new character introduced in The Battle of Caramel Castle

Al-Mon is a thrill-seeker.  If there is a Marshmallow Mountain, he will climb it.  If there is an ocean of chocolate, he will swim across it.  If he thinks someone is better than him, he will best them.  He lives to live.  Al-Mon often covers his eyes with a snazzy pair of dark shades - though he may be shadier than them...



















































Name: Zangela


Originally named Zangel, twin brother to Zongel, in the original 1985 story

In the new adventures...

Zangela is the twin sister to Zongel.  Zangela sees the world of candy in all of its sweetness, even when things have gone sour.  She argues constantly with her brother Zongel, but don't let the arguing fool you - mess with her brother and she will unleash a fury of pain in defense of him so quick the offender will be nothing but a puddle of candied mush in no time. 

Zangela and her twin-brother Zongel are Gumballs from the land of Yumchewz.

Name: Zongel


Zongel fell to his death in a boiling pit of caramel in the original 1985 story

In the new adventures...

Zongel sees the sourness of the candy world in even the sweetest of times - basically a complete opposite of his twin sister Zangela.  Zongel was born with a handicap and has been confined to his "Pattywagon" (basically a wheelchair with peppermint patty wheels) his whole life.  Though his mind is strong, he is bitter about never having the chance to show off any physical skills he thinks he may have.  He wants the chance to show his twin sister (and any other candy for that matter) that he is strong and can defend himself and her if needed...and he may just get that chance.

Name: Sir Zingel / Grandpa


Sir Zingel / Grandpa is a new character introduced in The Battle of Caramel Castle.

Sir Zingel, or Grandpa as he prefers to be called, became a legendary war hero due to his leadership of the Yumchewz forces during the Great Sugar War.  An ally and friend to the former King Caramel, the current King Caramel still holds Grandpa in high regard because of this - and has employed the old Gumball as "Royal Greeter of Caramel Castle".  The old warrior just wants to enjoy a life void of battles, and provide for his two little favorite Gumballs - Zangela and Zongel.




















































Name: Queen Caramel


Queen Caramel is a new character introduced in The Battle of Caramel Castle.

The queen comes from the affluent family of regal Toffees.  She enjoys all the pomp and circumstance that comes with being a Royal Caramel.  She is a proper Toffee - well mannered, sophisticated, and kind...but she is also quite fiery and tough.  Like the King, she is well respected by all...and perhaps even a little feared by some.  Though not acknowledged, Queen Caramel is the true leader of this land; but in time she hopes to make the king realize that "Even dreams need direction", so that the trait which she finds the most admirable (yet frustrating) in her husband can bring about unheard of greatness to their land and the entire candy world.

Name: King Caramel


King Caramel is a new character introduced in The Battle of Caramel Castle.

The king is not your traditional, regal leader.  In fact, he pretty much hates the stuffy, uptight traditions of the kings preceding him.  King Caramel is a pretty mellow confection - a "dreamer" if you will...he would rather spend his days dreaming up fantastic inventions and sweet worlds into which he can escape, rather than dealing with the rigors of the real candy world in which he rules.  He enjoys the respect given him throughout the land, but he really could care less about his wealth - he's a little embarrassed by it actually.  It's through the leadership and work of the queen that the Royal Caramels are still living in a grand castle, and still ruling over their land.

Name: Sir Cus Peanut


Sir Cus Peanut is a new character introduced in The Battle of Caramel Castle.

Sir Cus was once King Caramel's most trusted General.  Filled with jealousy over having lost the one and only battle of his career to the king - the battle for the queen's love - Sir Cus has left the Royal order and joined forces with the evil Mard.  You see, ol' Cus tried to woo the queen before she held the crown, but a true king Sir Cus could never be, and thus he could never be with the future queen. 

This bitterness has turned Cus into one bad dude, as his mere presence (not too mention his bad odor!) has been known to induce queasiness in those he comes in contact with.  Both Cus and Mard have one sword pointed directly at the king's crown with the other pointed directly at each other's back!




















































Name: Szalonodi


Szalonodi is a new character introduced in March of the Evil Mard.

This sweet, beautiful, charming, mysterious, peanut buttery Bon-Bon enters the lives of the Hero Squad in a rather action-packed way...and she quickly has an impact!  For better?  For worse?  Only time will tell.

Name: Cinny-Mon


Cinny-Mon is a new character introduced in March of the Evil Mard.

Close friend of both Mard and Al-Mon Joie, this little hard-shelled cinnamon disc is quite a character!  Always sweating,  always wheezing, always impatient - he wants things done yesterday!  Fast results = fast track to success in his book, but little does he know, he's really on the fast track to nowhere.  This cinnamon-heated candy spits out his words with a fiery lisp, sounding like a tea kettle steaming over, as he is commonly heard to say: "Let'ssss move it!  Fasssster!  Fasssster!  I want resssultssss!" and  "Issss anyone elssse hot?  I'm ssssweating!"

Name: P. Nut Brittle


P. Nut Brittle is a new character introduced in The Battle of Caramel Castle.

Mr. Brittle is a wise, old artisan residing in Carmelot.  This crafty, old confection may seem like he is merely tied to only the new inventions he busily crafts - but he is much more intertwined with events in the candy world...past, present, and future.

Name: LeMint


LeMint is a new character introduced in March of the Evil Mard.

One of the many nameless cronies who initially helped Mard and Sir Cus Peanut overtake Caramel Castle, this hard-shelled lemon disc is ashamed of what he helped to do and now wants to atone for his mistake.  Ever-filled with sorrow, he now works endlessly to help the citizens of Carmelot in any manner he can - the same citizens who he had fought during the Battle of Caramel Castle.  It is this constant effort that attracts the attention of the wise, old Mr. P. Nut Brittle.  Through the mentoring of Mr. Brittle, this former nameless crony will be nameless no more, and through his sorrow will once again find happiness.

Name: The JawBreaker Gang


The JawBreaker Gang are new characters introduced in March of the Evil Mard.

This gang of massive, lumbering candies live in the Great Mint Leaf Forest.  Though they make a huge racket with every step they take, silence is golden to these confections.  That is, any excessive talking - especially any talking done at loud volumes and/or in a snarky manner - will get these JawBreakers riled up!  Naturally, they threaten to "break the jaw" of any candy they deem to be committing this offense. 

Led by Mouth McCracken, the other members of the JawBreaker Gang are:  Eye McBlacken, Noggin McSplitty, Snout McFlatten, and Mouth's girlfriend - Miss Coressa McCrush.

Where do the loyalties of this Gang lie? - The Hero Squad? The evil Mard? Zangela and Zongel?  The Royal Caramels?  None of the above?

Name: The Vanillas


The Vanillas are new characters introduced in March of the Evil Mard.

These unfortunate ones are deceived by false promises and false hope.  Long seen as imperfect and "yucky" by themselves and/or others, they sell everything they own to be made perfect and "yummy" by Mard's new miracle device - The Cookie Cutter!!!  Little do they know, that for the feeling of mere acceptance and belonging from their fellow candies, they will be sacrificing much, much more...becoming mere pawns in Mard's evil game. 

Mard's original assorted cronies even fear becoming a Vanilla!

Name: The mysterious, cloaked Gumball


This mysterious, new character is introduced in March of the Evil Mard.

This Gumball is shadowing Zangela and Zongel per the orders of an even more mysterious boss...but why?  To find out more, you'll need to read the book when it is released!

Name: Aliday Sucker


Aliday Sucker is a new character introduced in Reign of the Sweet Uniques.

Aliday Sucker is a swarmy little bugger.  His thick glasses are almost as big and round as his big, round, green lollipop head.  Said head bobbles precariously atop his pale, skinny, stick-like body - yet, his dark, slicked back (almost snake-like) hair never moves an inch.  Said hair is almost as slick (and just as greasy) as the words that come out of his mouth.  Aliday Sucker is the ultimate butt-kisser - and the evil Mard's #1 fan.  Look out Mard...look out.

Name: The Throwaways


The Throwaways are a collection of new characters introduced in Reign of the Sweet Uniques.

The "Throwaways" are a collection of discarded, unwanted candies of all kinds, and all ages, from all parts of the candy world.  It is that frayed, common thread which binds them together, and which has bound them to the depressing, isolated, hopelessness of the murky Brownie Bayou.  Many "Throwaways" fell victim to Mard's empty promises of retribution, and traded in one nameless existence as a "Throwaway" just to become one of Mard's nameless "Assorted Cronies" - and if they were even more unlucky - one of his bland "Vanillas".  These "Throwaways" have more to offer the candy world than just a sad story of sour existence...with the right guidance...with hope...with inspiration...with goodness...these sour, common candies can show themselves and the candy world who they really are - sweet...and unique.













































































































































These are the main characters in "The Battle of Caramel Castle", "March of the Evil Mard", and the upcoming "Reign of the Sweet Uniques"...but more of The Candy Bar Adventures lie ahead - and so do new characters!

Copyright 1984, 1985, 2005 - 2018 Jason M. Wewers






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