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November  27, 2010:  Good news/bad news...Good news is that I'm now able to answer my self-posed "Don't know when in 2010" question regarding my finishing the new book - Bad news is that answer is "2011".  I'm hoping I won't have to repeat this broken record next year but this book is turning into a potential doorstop.  I'm trying to keep the page count down but there's a lot of ground to cover.

Anyway, I have a few more Chapter titles posted on the Reign of the Sweet Uniques page.


October 16, 2010:  Just a quick website note...I've noticed recently that the handful of Google ads I have on my site have started featuring political ads at times - I hate political ads!!!  I also hate political parties: I'm neither Democrat nor Republican - I'm American...and first and foremost, just an average human being trying to live a nice life working honestly for what I earn and being respectful of others in the process (concepts which neither of those parties - Tea party included - really care about or respect)...but I digress.  So, I found the option that filters out those types of ads and hopefully, within the next day or two, they'll stop.  Ugh!!!


October 11, 2010:  The ebook train keeps rollin' along...the first two books in the series are now available via Barnes&Noble.  So, if you have their Nook device, or any device that can handle the epub file format, you can download the books now from Barnes&Noble's website.  Once again, the two ebooks are at a pocket-friendly price of $2.99.

The Candy Bar Adventures: The Battle of Caramel Castle (ebook) at Barnes&Noble

The Candy Bar Adventures: March of the Evil Mard (ebook) at Barnes&Noble

To sum up...the first two books are now available in ebook form via: for the Kindle device as well as other platforms through the Kindle app.

iBooks app for the Apple family of mobile devices (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone)

Barnes& for the Nook device as well as other platforms through the Nook app. for various devices/platforms that can handle the epub file format.

eBook price: $2.99 at all locations.


New info. on the upcoming Reign of the Sweet Uniques coming in November.


September 1, 2010:  Following in the e-book footsteps of the Kindle edition, my first two books in the series are also now available for any device that can handle the epub file format. 

What does this mean?

Well, if you have an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad, you can download their free iBooks app and purchase my books from their store.  No Apple product? - no problem.  As long as your device/software/app can handle an epub file, you can also purchase the books from my storefront on

As with the Kindle edition, the price of each book in the epub format is just $2.99 (that's under $3!!!! how I used the ol' car salesman jedi-mindtrick there?)

Converting these to the epub format, and arranging the layout so it looked as close to the print version as possible, was a bit of a chore.   The first book may have a few more wonky format issues (paragraph indentation, spacing issues, page breaks, etc.) than the second book (I had become a little more comfortable with the software I was using when converting the second book), but the story is all there in both...and that's the most important thing in the end, right?  Oh, btw, if anyone else out there is looking to convert their works into the epub file format, a couple of free software tools you may find helpful are Sigil and Calibre.


Oh - btw again - I've once again fallen behind in my progress on the third book and the updates associated with that.  Shocker.  I'm trying.


June 26, 2010:  After reading numerous stories of how pdf files can be exploited by the a-holes of the world to harm both website owner and viewer, I've decided to remove the "Chapter Preview" pdf's from my site.  Instead, the "Chapter Preview" links will now take you to my books' pages on the Google Books site, where an extended preview can be read.   I wish I had a little more control of over what was shown as part of that extended preview on their site, but, oh well, I can always look into that a little further.  Links to the previews can be found on the main page.

Should have an update on the forthcoming book in a few weeks.

On an unrelated note: I'm getting jazzed (yeah, that's right, I just used the word "jazzed") for the World Cup match today - go, go, USA!!!!          (Postgame update:  Crap.  The clock just struck midnight.)


May 31, 2010:  Trying my best to stick to the schedule I laid out last month - bit of a tweak needed to do so...

Not ready to post a sample chapter yet (a few tweaks needed for it as well), so I figured I would post the first few chapter titles now, instead.  Look for a few new chapter titles to be posted every few weeks or so.  Sample chapter will be coming soon as well.

Head on over to the Reign of the Sweet Uniques page to check out the first three chapter titles!


April 17, 2010:  The "schedule of events" for the upcoming book - Reign of the Sweet Uniques (I sure hope I can stick to this schedule)...a-a-a-and away we go!:

                   End of May:  Sample chapter(s) will be posted on site (probably the Prologue and Chapter 1 (maybe) as was done for previous two books).

                      August:  Chapter listing posted on site (using same format as previous two books)

                   November/December:  The book is finished and released (injecting caffeine now); and I then move on to my next book (not related to this series, but I'm itching to get started on it in-depth!  It will be "cosmic", man, "cosmic"!)


February 4, 2010:  The first two books in the series are now available in e-book form for the Amazon Kindle.  Don't have a Kindle?  Yeah, neither do I.  Don't like e-books?  Yeah, neither do I.  But, they seem to be catching on with folks due to all the new e-book readers, etc., so I figured "what the hey".  I do have an iPhone however, and with the free Kindle app, I was able to download the books to my's actually kind of neat...I still prefer a book that's printed though.

So, even if you don't have a Kindle or a smartphone of some sort, you can still get the e-books via the free Kindle app for your PC or Mac.  Also, the price of my two books in this format are much more pocket friendly at $2.99 apiece.  You're welcome.

Anyway, we'll see how this goes, then I may look into making it available for the other e-book devices out there (B&N's Nook, Sony reader, iPad(?)).  I still want to make audio versions of my books, but the time just isn't there at the moment.

So, if you want - no pressure or anything...*buy it* * buy it* *buy it* - head on over to Amazon and take your pick of the printed or Kindle edition for each book.  I must admit though, some of the formatting didn't quite translate the same from my printed version to the Kindle format - but the story is all there! - page breaks, chapter title centering,  indentations, some fonts, etc., might look a little off when compared to the printed version.  I tried.

The Candy Bar Adventures: The Battle of Caramel Castle (Kindle Edition) at

The Candy Bar Adventures: March of the Evil Mard (Kindle Edition) at

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