December 1, 2009:  Wow, I have not accomplished one darn thing since my last post!  Though I've had a basic (though always flexible) outline for over a year, and even completed portions 2 years ago, I'm still not going to finish Reign of the Sweet Uniques this year.  Why?  I haven't written anything in months (how's that for basic cause and effect?)...just haven't felt like it. 

However, I've already started to prescribe myself healthy doses of old "Twilight Zone" episodes; some of my favorite music albums; and a documentary on George Lucas and his creation of the original "Star Wars" trilogy, to re-stoke my creative fire.  The original "Twilight Zone" is, in my opinion, the greatest collection of stories in the history of TV - the quality of writing that went into each episode inspires me to create something great myself (and, oh yeah, I already have notes jotted down for a Zone-esque story or two of my own - muwa-ha-ha), plus there's something about Rod Serling's voice that makes me want to crack out an old typewriter and just start punching keys.  Good music - there's something about good music that ignites my brain and gets me thinking about all sorts of things.  Lastly, when I first saw "Star Wars" back in '77, my 3-year-old brain was irrevocably changed - the imagination and creativity functions were switched on with full force (no pun intended...which is odd, because I usually intend my puns).  Now though, what inspires me about those movies is not so much the movies themselves, but rather the "never say die" drive it took to complete that first movie in the series - thus making a dream a reality.

So, the fire is being re-lit, and sometime next year, The Candy Bar Adventures series will finally be complete.  "Don't know when in 2010" is my new slogan - it kinda keeps you on track, but in a low-pressure sort of way.

However, I may have one or two surprises before the end of the year...e-books? e-gads!...but maybe.

Oh, and those entertaining Author bios I mentioned in August...I'll get 'em on here eventually.  Or folks out there could just buy both the books that are currently available and get the snarky, dry-witted bios that way...ya know, just saying.


August 16, 2009:  A couple of minor characters that will have some "page time" in the upcoming Reign of the Sweet Uniques are the thin and stretchy, near-identical, twin pieces of salt water taffy cleverly named Sol and Walter Taffy (yeah, I pat myself on the back for that one). 

These twin brothers have never known any life outside of the downtrodden and depressed Brownie Bayou, but that hasn't stopped them from pretending they are one in the same as those from the regal families of Royal Toffees or Royal Caramels.  Basically, they realized early on that they didn't have anything except each other, so they quickly learned how to make lemonade out of life's lemons.  (You see, since they're taffy, they're very flexible when it comes to handling any situation...*ah-ha-ha-ha, ha...ha....ahem*)  Anyway...

I've loosely based these two characters' personalities on the over-the-top prim and proper Goofy Gophers from the classic Looney Tunes cartoons, so it's been fun writing some really ridiculous exchanges between these two.

Fun fact:  One of these brothers first appeared near the end of March of the Evil Mard.  Never mentioned by name in that book (because I hadn't thought of a name yet at the time I wrote it), I did note, however, that Taffies like Sol and Walter originate from the coastal land of Stretchenpull (again, I patted myself on the back when I created that clever name and location...hey, someone had to).


Next month's update will spotlight the sarcastic, snarky, dry-witted "Author's Bio" page I added to the end of each of the first two books and...possibly...I may reveal the Bio page that will be at the end of the upcoming book.


July 18, 2009:  Amazingly, I updated the page!  Just added front and back covers to upcoming book on front page.  Hey, speaking of that book, I'm slowly getting it written...very...very...slooooowly (check out all the o's I added to "slowly" - yeah, that slow).  Will I get it done by the end of 2009?  Uh, er, I sure hope so.  This is shaping up to be the most challenging, yet rewarding, book in the series to write.

Update next month (no, seriously, I really will have an update next month) will feature names of a couple new minor characters - one of whom actually appeared briefly near the end of the last book -  March of the Evil Mard.


April 4, 2009:  Added a couple new character descriptions to both the Reign of the Sweet Uniques and Character Profiles sections.  Might have another update before the end of the month (two updates in one month?! might just happen).


March 13, 2009:  Added the Front and Back Cover images for the upcoming book to the Reign of the Sweet Uniques page.  As you'll see, I stubbornly kept the "plain jane" (some may even say "ugly") look to the covers.  I have my reasons.  New character descriptions next month, as well as some other stuff.


February 10, 2009:  Added some character news to the Reign of the Sweet Uniques page.  The writing time allows.

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