December 23, 2008:  Added the Back Cover story synopsis/teaser for Reign of the Sweet Uniques

Next update should come around late January / early February.


October 24, 2008:  Added a few of the themes (some subtle, some not-so-subtle) that will comprise the next book in the series - Reign of the Sweet Uniques.  Head on over to its section to check those out.

Will more than likely post the Back Cover "story synopsis" for this upcoming book sometime around the Christmas holiday - not because I think it's a great gift on my part; but rather, I'll be on vacation from work during that time, so I should have extra time to devote.


August 10, 2008:  The title of the next book will be...Reign of the Sweet Uniques Yep, those "..." sure made that a dramatic sentence, didn't it?

I don't have much to show yet on it's page, but in the coming months, I will.  I was going to post the book cover, but as I got to looking at it, I realized the color scheme looked too much like vomit with a dash of silver.  So, I seem to have a "do-over" in my future.

More info.  on this next book sometime next month.


June 1, 2008:  Well, shoot.  I had planned to post some info. about a new character for the next book, but then I got to thinking (which is usually a bad thing for me) - I really don't want to post any info. on new characters until I have the story synopsis ready to go.  I'm still looking at July or August for that so, unfortunately, there's a good chance of no new updates until that time.

However, I will say's beginning to look like this third book in the series will be as long, if not longer, as the first two books combined.  I'm also about 98% sure that I'm going to keep the ending I had already mapped out back when I was writing the previous book.  I even have a good idea about how the next book will begin.  It's everything in-between that could really balloon the size and scope of this one.  I definitely won't have the third book ready to go until the latter part of 2009.  This will also be the final book in the series...well...sort of.


April 10, 2008:  Doing a little spring cleaning...Moved 2007 news/updates to its own archive page (Link at bottom of this page).  Working on some other "cleanup" as well.  Yep, pretty boring update; but next month, more interesting updates will start to sprout.


March 29, 2008:  Some disturbing news has surfaced regarding self-published authors using a POD (Print-On-Demand) service such as (which I use) who also have their books listed on 

A story from is reporting that has started the process of telling self-published authors who use a POD service other than's own BookSurge that, basically, you either use BookSurge or your book will only be sold on Amazon through resellers (thus, more than likely discouraging a potential sale because people will have to put their faith in a seller who they may not know much about, in addition to possibly paying higher retail price and shipping.  Additionally, from my end, I may never see the paltry couple bucks I would normally make from each sale if it is through some unknown reseller).  So far, according to the above story, it seems as if those using PublishAmerica for their POD services have already had their "buy" button removed from Amazon's site.

Pardon my French, but "F*ck you,!"  It's hard enough for self-published authors, such as I, to get our books out to a widespread audience and potential buyers; and you sure as hell wouldn't be helping things with your inferior BookSurge service.  As much as I love having my book listed for sale on Amazon, as I know it is a heavily-trafficked site, there's no way I would leave for BookSurge.'s Global Distribution Service gets my book out to many more sites around the world, including - Barnes&Noble

Ya know, this will just really piss me off if this comes to pass for those of us using (which uses Lightning Source as a printing partner - a point relevant if you read the story linked above).  I had just started liking again since they started offering DRM-free music downloads...but if I get the shaft due to their unnecessary powerplay in the POD market - I will take my spending money elsewhere.

So, I guess I'll keep an eye on the product pages for both of my books at Amazon; but in the meantime, if anybody happens to visit said product pages and find that there's either no longer a "buy" button or the product page has been removed entirely, I can only say, simply, "I'm sorry.  Please visit one of the other fine stores offering my books for sale." 

This is the kind of crap that happens when businesses sell their soul to Wall Street.


March 5, 2008:  I can't believe it's March already!  Where has the time gone?  I must have gotten bit by the lazy bug or something...

The "Search Inside" feature is now active for March of the Evil Mard at  It looks like they've changed that feature recently - if you're logged in at Amazon, then you get the full "Search Inside" feature; if you're not logged in, then you get the more basic "Look Inside" feature.  Yeah, I know, not the most exciting newsbit, but it's just something I noticed.

More substantial updates coming soon, including archiving all the updates from '07 and putting the little tidbits from the two books that I posted throughout the year onto their respective pages. (Again, not the most exciting news, but it's really just more a note to myself) :)


January 20, 2008:  Well, finally got around to doing an update (time has been flying!).  March of the Evil Mard is now showing up on and Barnes& both product pages aren't quite 100% yet.  The Amazon page doesn't have my cover image yet, and for some reason, it has tags associated with it that shouldn't be - "Vampire", "Vampire Romance", "Digital Photography", "Afghanistan"(?!) among others.  I don't see what any of that has to do with my book, but oh well - hopefully that will get corrected over time.  Also, I hope to have the "Search Inside the Book" feature activated on there within the next few months.  On the Barnes&Noble page, they don't yet have the full title listed or any of the descriptive info. about the book - but I've sent them that info. and hopefully that will show up soon.  More purchase links will be added as I notice them.

A couple of other items of note: I'm working on an audio version of The Battle of Caramel Castle - but in perhaps a little different way from the norm.  I'll update with more info. on that in the near future.

The third book...I keep jotting down ideas that pop into my head for that one.  I probably won't sit down and start to really write on that one until July or August.  I do have the title already (I've actually had the title for this one for well over a year now) which I'll post around that same July or August timeframe.  More than likely the third book will be finished in late 2009...unless someone offers to pay me such a generous amount to write it that I'm able to quit my normal day job - but yeah, I don't see that happening, so 2009 looks to be the timeframe.


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