December 23, 2006:  "Broken record" time...yep, not quite ready yet.  Very slim chance that  March of the Evil Mard could be done by the end of the month...but it's looking more likely that it will take into the month of January to finish.  It's a matter of having the free time and energy to work on it...and not just work on it, but put good work into it.  I want this book to be even better than the first one (as I will want the 3rd book to be even better than the one I'm trying to finish now); so if it takes more time to make it so that I'm 100% happy with it...then that's just the way it goes, I guess.  There are a couple of tidbits in the latter half of the book that I'm still considering changing - so that's taking some time to sort out as well.

With all that said though, I'm very excited about how this one is shaping up (albeit slowly)!  I can't wait for others to read it!

And now for a little bonus...

If I don't have the book ready by the end of the month, I will add the entire 1st chapter to the current preview for March of the Evil Mard!!! The preview currently consists of the book's Prologue. 

So, be sure to check back! 

November 4, 2006:  Yep, just as I thought in October, it's not ready yet.  This new book is taking me longer than I anticipated to finish as I want to make sure everything that I put in this one ties properly into the next one.  So, I'm having to map out the next book a little more than what I thought, as I write this one.  I guess I should have started hunkering down on this one a few months earlier than what I did!...lesson learned.  In addition, if you've checked out the story synopsis (or back cover) you'll notice that this book will be slightly darker and serious in tone - BUT - this is a fantasy story about a world of candy after all so I gotta keep it light-hearted at the same time!  Taking a bit more effort to balance the two out and still cover the subject matter that I'm wanting to write about.

So, with that said, I'm now shooting for a Christmas release date for March of the Evil Mard.  Available through initially, it probably won't show up through other outlets such as, Barnes&, etc. until early 2007.

I hope this book will be worth the wait though for all who purchase it!


Well, since I'm lagging behind where I planned to be by this time, I figured the least I could do is briefly mention 3 new characters debuting in March of the Evil Mard.

Cinny-Mon - Close friend of Mard and Al-Mon Joie's, this little hard-shelled cinnamon disc is quite a character!  Alway's sweating,  always wheezing, always impatient, he wants things done yesterday!  Fast results = fast track to success in his book, but little does he know, he's really on the fast track to nowhere.  This cinnamon-heated candy spits out his words with a fiery lisp as he is commonly heard to say: "Let'ssss move it!  Fasssster!  Fasssster!  I want resssultssss!" and  "Issss anyone elssse hot?  I'm ssssweating!"

Szalonodi - This sweet, beautiful, charming, mysterious, chocolaty bon-bon enters the lives of the Hero Squad in a rather action-packed way and she quickly has an impact!  For better?  For worse?  Only time will tell.

LeMint - One of the many nameless cronies who initially helped Mard and Sir Cus Peanut overtake Caramel Castle, this hard-shelled lemon disc is ashamed of what he helped to do and now wants to atone for his mistake.  Ever-filled with sorrow, he now works endlessly to help the citizens of Carmelot in any manner he can - the same citizens who he had fought during the Battle of Caramel Castle.  It is this constant effort that attracts the attention of the wise, old Mr. P. Nut Brittle.  Through the mentoring of Mr. Brittle, this former nameless crony will be nameless no more, and through his sorrow will once again find happiness.

October 1st, 2006:  Good news/Bad news.

First, the Good news: the Prologue for March of the Evil Mard is now available to read! 

Now, the Bad news:  May not have the full book ready by the first week of November like I was hoping.  May be closer to the final week of November instead...such is life sometimes.  Be sure to check back the first week of November to find out for sure.

August 20th, 2006:  The Chapter List for March of the Evil Mard has been posted!  This will probably be the last update until around the first week of October.  At that time, I plan to post the Prologue as an appetizer for the upcoming book.  Still shooting for the first week of November to release the new book...I've got a long way to go yet, and I must admit, I'm starting to feel the weight of my self-imposed deadline.  I think I write better and stay more focused when under that weight though!

July 20th, 2006:  Originally, July was to be the month where I updated the Character Profiles page with the new characters, a new look, etc.  Well, haven't really worked on it to be honest.  Instead, I have a better update (and a month or two early at that!)...the Front and Back book covers to March of the Evil Mard have been posted! 

June 18th, 2006:  No site updates or updates regarding the new book, March of the Evil Mard, this month (though writing continues on it!) - the reason? - a little thing called the World Cup has been occupying most of my free time lately.  It's been great!  How 'bout that USA-Italy game yesterday?  Exciting & frustrating all at once, yet proud of our U.S. team...we took a cheap shot and got our faces bloodied, but we fought with heart against all odds until the bitter always - classic.  Anyway, look for a more tangible update after the World Cup ends on July 9th.

One quick note regarding the current book - The Battle of Caramel Castle has finally gotten the "Search Inside the Book" feature functioning for it.  Check it out!

May 10th, 2006:  The teaser/story synopsis that will be featured on the Back Cover as well as the title for the next book in The Candy Bar Adventures series has been posted!!!  I felt I couldn't really post the teaser/synopsis without posting the title at the same time, having to wait until June for that bit of info. !!!

Technical Webpage note:  The "The Adventures Continue (2006)" image links will eventually be replaced with the new title throughout the site...just need a little extra time to get that done. :)

April 14th, 2006:  I've just the lowered the price of the current book - The Candy Bar Adventures: The Battle of Caramel Castle to $9.99!  I had planned to lower it to that price when I release the next book this coming November, but I figured I would go ahead and do it now.  The reason:  I'm putting the book on display at various Library Association shows and Book Fairs throughout the country over the course of this year and I figured the $9.99 price point sounded a lot better than $10.50 (this is based on the price; this doesn't affect the other retail outlets various prices).  Plus, I would love for this book to get into as many readers' hands as possible, and a little lower price could do nothing but help in that regard.  If the upcoming book ends up being around the same length as the first one, then it will more than likely be listed at the $9.99 price from the get-go.

Speaking of the upcoming book...

In May, I plan to post the Teaser/Story Synopsis that will be featured on the book's back cover.

In June, I will post the Title of the new book.

In July, I plan to revamp the layout of the Character Profiles page and include the new characters that will be introduced in the upcoming book.

In August or September, I plan to post the Front and Back Cover designs for the upcoming book.

In October, I will post the 1st Chapter as a little appetizer for the upcoming book.

In November, the upcoming book will no longer be an "upcoming book" - as it will be released and readers will be able to experience the next chapter in The Candy Bar Adventures series!!!!


I gotta tell ya, I am really excited about these next two books in the series!  If you enjoyed The Battle of Caramel Castle, get ready - you ain't read nothin' yet!!! :)


One last little note:  On April 16th, this website will be a year old!  It's been a fun, exciting, and educational experience so far to say the least.

March 13th, 2006:  Just a quick update...

I was checking out the current book's listing on because I had sent them a copy during the first week of January to be scanned in as part of their "Search Inside the Book" program. (FYI - that feature isn't showing up yet...supposed to only take up to  8 weeks before it shows up, so looks like I'm going to need to get in touch with them).

Anyway, I decided to do a Google search to see if the book was showing up through any retail outlets that I didn't know about, so I could add the links to this site.  Well, apparently some outlets have my book categorized under Nonfiction! Huh?!  What part of the title - The Candy Bar Adventures: The Battle of Caramel Castle (and especially my Book Description) sounds even remotely like it could be Nonfiction?!  So, if there is anyone coming to this site for the first time to perhaps get a little more info. on the book before deciding whether to purchase, please know - THIS BOOK IS A WORK OF FICTION!!! You should find it categorized under Fiction; Juvenile Fiction; Children's Books; etc.  There is nothing remotely Nonfiction about a castle made out of caramel that is overtaken by an evil candy bar and a bitter circus peanut...not to mention the chocolaty, brownie-like soil they walk upon; the parachuting gumballs; the jellybean jeeps; the flying Lollicopters; etc.  I'm trying to figure out how and where they got this "Nonfiction" info. nonsense.  Oh well, trials and tribulations of self-publishing I guess. 

You know, having a mix-up like this could hurt my Billion-to-One chance of being picked as Oprah's Book of the Month! *ha-ha!*

February 10th, 2006:  Entered The Candy Bar Adventures: The Battle of Caramel Castle into 2 Independent Authors/Publishers competitions!  One is for Writer's's 14th Annual International Competition and the other is for the 10th Annual Independent Publisher's Book Awards (IPPY's).  Should learn how I did in the Writers competition sometime in October; and the IPPY Awards are to name their semi-finalists at the end of April.  Hopefully the book will be received well...keeping the ol' fingers crossed!


Work on the next book in The Candy Bar Adventures series is coming along pretty good so far...not only that, but I've also been piecing together how the 3rd book in the series will come together (including much of the exciting finale!!!) already.  Also, I already have a title that I'm 90% sure I'm going to use for the next book, as well as a title that I'm about 60% sure of using for the 3rd book.


Though I've had this site up for about 1 year now, I still haven't put any character images in with their profiles.  Well, drawing freehand from what I see in my head is not easy for me to do.  It takes me a long time to get things just the way I want them - thus it's a bit frustrating, so I haven't been devoting much time at all to getting those done.  Writing the stories are much more enjoyable for me!  However, I do have rough sketches of all the characters and eventually I really will get those added to the site.  Though, if you check out the coloring book portion of the Activities section, you can check out (and color in obviously!) my sketches for Hersh, Mard (his face anyway), and Zangela & Zongel (who I'm happiest with the way he and his Pattywagon came out...actually matches about 98% of what I see in my head).

Now, with that said, the new project I have in the works will sound like a shocker!  Since the next 2 books in the series have been coming together pretty good so far, I may actually get to spend a little more time drawing and getting the various images I can see so vividly in my head down on paper.  So, I am going to attempt to create a Children's Picture Book for beginning readers! *I can feel the stress-related heart attack coming on already* :)

I realized that the current series of The Candy Bar Adventures books may be a little hard for those under 7 or 8 years of age to read, so I wanted to make a series of books aimed at the younger set who are just beginning to learn to read.  If all goes according to plan, I hope to finish this first book about 1 year from now, and it will be about 20 pages in length with full-color illustrations on each page.  The name of this book series for the Beginning Reader will be called The Candy Bar Adventures: "Mini-ventures".  The preliminary title for this first book will be Imagination.  This story is about 1/3 completed, with (you guessed it) no illustrations completed yet. 


Though I only update this site about once a month or so, it doesn't mean work on the books have slowed or stopped.  Just the opposite actually!  Few website updates = me getting more work done on the stories and *gulp* my attempted illustrations.

January 7th, 2006:  Added new section for the next book in The Candy Bar Adventures series.  Updated and moved list of retailers to the Links page.  Other various cleanup and updating continues on other sections.

January 2nd, 2006:  In the process of working on some new site updates.  Will have completed by the end of the week...and to be included - The first update for the next book in The Candy Bar Adventures series which will be available near the end of 2006!


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