December 1, 2005:  The book is now available through a  number of Major online outlets around the world:; Barnes&; & (both take you straight to - so just use link); (also affiliated with, but they have their own ordering page);; and for you folks outside of the U.S. .....UK:; Canada:; Germany:; France:; Japan:  Those are the sites I know about anyway.  I've also put active links on the main page as well on the New Story page.  One note though:  It looks like the major outlets are sticking with the Suggested Retail Price of $13.98.  I thought they might add a discount to it but that looks like a "no go" currently.  The price is $10.50. 

As I mentioned in earlier updates, it is at the particular retail outlet's discretion as to whether or not they make my book available for purchase inside their actual "Brick&Mortar" stores.  So, if you happen to see my book sitting on a store shelf somewhere, be sure to let me know!  That will totally make my day!

A sincere "Thank You" to everyone who has bought the book so far.  The initial feedback has been very positive...and I sure appreciate that. 

Also - at the beginning of 2006, I will be opening a new section on the site for the next book in The Candy Bar Adventures series!  This time next year, that book should be finished and available as well...(and I gotta tell ya, cool stuff has been popping into my head for the next one!)

November 10, 2005:  The book is now available to purchase!  See main page for link!  I received my Preview Copy today from and I am really happy with the product quality (I was a little worried about that as I don't like to ask people to spend their hard-earned money on something if the quality is not equal to the price) so I made it available for others to purchase! 

I am, however, having a little snafu with finalizing the Global Distribution process.  I won't bore anyone with the details, but it may take a little longer than 6 weeks for it to start showing at major outlets...I'm working with the people at though so I hope for a quick resolution.  I've been very happy with the quality and speed of everything else to this point, so hopefully they won't disappoint me in regards to this.

Well, just one more thing to add...look for the short story that I actually wrote 1 year prior to what I refer to as the Original 1985 Story to be added later tonight.  It is the original to the "Original", but it was just a little 3-page short story I wrote in 1984 so I hadn't added it yet.  It was the inspiration for the 1985 book, which would eventually inspire me to start the whole thing up again 20 years later, and now - ultimately - lead to my first published book.  Who would have thought?  Crazy.

More craziness is on the way though - I've already started a rough Outline for the next tale in The Candy Bar Adventures series.  My goal is to have that book available this time next year.  Then look for at least one more book after that (possibly more if I decide to extend the main story arc out a little longer). 

Anyway, that 1984 short story will be placed in the Project History page later tonight.

November 4, 2005:  The book has been published!!!! - sort of.  I'm having a preview copy sent to me before I make it available for sale.  That should take about 7-10 days.  If everything looks the way I want it to then I will immediately make it available for sale.  Where can I buy it you ask?  It will be made available initially through  Within the next 6 weeks, it should also start appearing for sale on leading internet sites such as,,, as well as the major book-selling sites in the UK.  Also, if the various bookstores themselves so desire, it will be available within the "brick & mortar" stores themselves.  How much is it? may be the next question...well, at it will be $10.50.  As for the major retailers such as those listed: Suggested Retail Price will be $13.98 - however, they usually sell it for less than that.  It should be closer to the price I'm guessing...not for sure though as this is my first book.

Other notes:  Due to costs, there will be no illustrations in the book.  I wanted them to be in color and that just cost way too much.  No big deal really, I wasn't too happy with the illustrations I had come up with anyway.  The only illustration that will be featured will be the one on the Back Cover.

So, it looks like I may have the book available for sale by Nov. 15th!  A full week earlier than what I had set for my goal!  Hopefully sales will exceed my expectations as well *fingers crossed*.

Check back around the 15th!  If its available for sale it will be made very clear on the front page!!!  I will provide a link directly to the book's storefront (ordering page) from the front page of this site!!!

November 1, 2005:  The book is now finished!!!!  "The Battle of Caramel Castle" should be available for purchase sometime this month!  More info. next week!

October 1, 2005:  In the New Story (2005) section, I posted the images for the Front and Back Cover of the upcoming book!  ALSO - Chapter 1 has been made available in its entirety!  So, be sure to check out this great Sneak-Peek and I hope you like what you read enough to consider buying the entire book upon its release *hopefully* on or around November 22nd!  I'm working hard to make that happen!  Be sure to check back as that date draws near as I will have information on how to purchase the new book!

September 20, 2005:  Quick "coming attractions" update:  The first week of October, I will post images of the Front & Back cover for the upcoming book.  In addition, I will post the entire 1st Chapter for all to read (and hopefully enjoy)!  Then, if all goes well (keeping fingers crossed), "The Battle of Caramel Castle" will be available for sale on or around November 22nd!  I'll post more info. on that when that date draws closer.

September 5, 2005:  Barring any last minute changes (which is always possible) the book will be sorted into 14 chapters.  Additionally, I thought it would be neat to name each chapter using a quote that is featured in that particular chapter.  Feel free to head on over to the New Story (2005) section and check out the names for all 14 chapters.

August 10, 2005:  Starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel in regards to finishing the new story... I got burnt out for a little while trying to figure out how I was going to get from "A" to "Z" and make everything else in-between tie together for a proper story - but now it's full steam ahead!  So, with that said, there will probably not be many (if any really) more updates over the next 2 months.  I hope by October 1st to have the Book Cover done and ready to post on the site. 

Oh, but before I leave - here's the preliminary title for the book!

The Candy Bar Adventures: The Battle of Caramel Castle

July 18, 2005:  As I'm working on this new story, I've come to realize that I needed to tweak the character profiles of King and Queen Caramel.  I originally had the King described as enjoying philosophizing and playing music all day...well, that wasn't working well with me in tying those particular traits into the overall story, so I scrapped that and made some changes - which you can catch a glimpse of in the character profile.  Also, I've added a few bits to the Queen's profile including another quote from the upcoming story - which is: "Even dreams need direction".  In fact I'll go ahead and go one step further and divulge the line preceding and following that one - this is the Queen to the King:  "Giving so much focus to dreams which have none is fruitless.  Even dreams need direction.  Make your dreams a reality and inspire others to dream just as you do!"

July 17, 2005:  Posted a short two-sentence quote from the New Story.  This was actually one of the first ideas to pop into my head when I was originally deciding on whether or not to attempt writing a whole new story.   It just made me laugh for some reason.  So, basically, two lines of dialogue that take place in the latter half of the whole story is how I got started again.  Yep, I'm not sure how other people write stories, novels, screenplays, etc.; but I write little chunks here and there as they pop into my head, and then try to find a way to piece them all together into one coherent tale.

July 4, 2005:  The first color illustration from the new, upcoming story has been posted!  It can be found in the Jigsaw Puzzles section!  If you are expecting a Ralph McQuarrie-esque painting, then you'll be sorely disappointed...however, I can confidently say that the story itself will be much better than my illustrations!  Oh, I also added the illustration to the New Story (2005) section.

June 28, 2005:  OK, well...I was trying out Adobe Illustrator to color in the pictures that I was going to add, but I just haven't quite got the hang of that program yet.  So, I have to go back and color them in the old-fashioned way.  With that said, the new content won't show up until after the July 4th holiday.

June 4, 2005:  Decided to wait yet on posting a passage from the upcoming story.  However, I've added interactive Jigsaw Puzzles featuring images from the old and new stories (well, the old story so far anyway) !!  Yep, it's a good time!

June 2, 2005:  Added 2 new Character Profiles - and they are: Sir Cus Peanut and Mard's Assorted Cronies.  Could possibly post a small passage from the upcoming story on the website by the end of the weekend...not sure if I want to do that yet or not though.

May 21, 2005:  Added a new picture to the Coloring Book.  It is the characters Zangela and can also be printed out for coloring the old-fashioned way.

May 16, 2005:  Ok, not quite ready for new pictures yet (I'm a little slow in that department).  However, I did add 2 new Character Profiles - and they are: King and Queen Caramel.  They are new characters to be introduced in the new, upcoming story.  Hopefully, I'll have some character images to go along with those profiles soon.  Main focus remains on the story itself though.

May 10, 2005:  Fixed problem of not being able to print hard copies of Coloring Book pages - Check it out.  Hoping to add a new picture for the Coloring Book, as well as a couple more Character Profiles, by the end of this weekend...we'll see.  As before, work continues on the new story and illustrations...

 May 1, 2005:  "Teaser" page removed, and regular format and content started.  Plan to add Logo to current "home" page in the future and users will enter website from there, with "news/updates" page becoming the new start page.  Content will be added and updated regularly, format of site will continue to evolve (especially when I finally learn how to do Flash Animation - would like to go that route).  Work continues on new story and illustrations...

April 16, 2005:  Website goes live with "Teaser" page.


















































































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