December 30, 2015:  2016 will see some production on the third (and final) book...finally.

November 30, 2014:  
My second book, March of the Evil Mard, is once again available through Apple's iBooks store.  Yay!  Finally ends a frustrating 2-3 years (I had forgotten how long, really) where I kept getting errors trying to get the darn thing back in their store.  So, both books in the series are available now.  Yeah, I know, I should have the third (and final) book done by now...but I don't.  

Also - you may have noticed that I updated the main page with my new redesign.  Wasn't quite ready for full re-design yet, but due to some snafus, I had to go ahead and update just the main page.

August 30,
2013:  Sheesh, it's a good thing websites don't accumulate's been awhile since I've updated.  No new book news, just a bit of site cleaning, really.  I've decided to remove the interactive coloring book - I just got tired of dealing with having a Java app on my website.  However, you can still print out the pictures that comprised the coloring book, and color them the old-fashoined's something, right?

November 18,
2012:  It's done!!!.....just joking.  However, motivation and focus are returning to Reign of the Sweet Uniques.  I'm starting to have some fun with it again.  Re-doing a lot of it (overall story arc and themes will remain the same - I'm just trying to make it more entertaining and clever); and even one or two of the Chapter Titles I think will change (though the quotes originally used for those particular Chapter Titles will remain within the context of the story).  That's about it for now...

April 16,
2012:  Well, how about this?  Seven years ago, on this date, I started my little website here and my dream to author a book (and hopefully make a million dollars).   The first two books came out fine (dream realized! Woo!...minus the million dollars...dang) - but - yeah, this third one is dragging along.  My writing "A.D.D." has gotten worse...I had been splitting my attention between the third book in this series and another un-related book...and now...I've been working on a third book (unrelated to the other two) that I started in 2006, but had "put on the shelf" until a couple months ago.  Jeez.  I'm a juggling mess.

In Reign of the Sweet Uniques news...I recently found out that a very special person from my childhood years passed away awhile back.  So, as a small tribute to her, I'm trying to decide if I want to add in a new minor character based on her - or - re-write Szalonodi's parts to make that character's personality reflect hers.  Either way, it's going to cause a ripple of re-writes...but, for me, personally, it will be well worth matter how long it takes. 

January 15, 2012:  No new book's not good enough yet.  No more release dates will be put out (I've missed the last 3, so it's getting a little embarrassing), rather I'll just "spring it" one day on unsuspecting readers.   There are parts I'm happy with it, others parts - not so much.  I have to feel it's better than the first two books before I call it complete.

November 8, 2011:  Added the final 3 new chapter titles to the Reign of the Sweet Uniques page.   Could possibly add more chapters if I feel I need to break up the current ones a bit more for a better flow.  Another update next month.

August 7, 2011:  Added 2 new chapter titles to the Reign of the Sweet Uniques page. 

June 2, 2011:  I've been reading some interesting reports around the ol' interwebs lately regarding the classic board game, "Candyland", being turned into a movie.  It seems the writing duo who penned the recent "Kung Fu Panda" sequel (Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger) have been hired by (Director) Kevin Lima to create a "Lord of the Rings"-esque story of good vs evil in a candy world of candy characters - action/adventure/romance/humor, etc. , included on the menu.  While I would definitely NEVER compare my books to the epic "Lord of the Rings" series (Tolkien is in a class by himself) - I gotta say this movie concept is sounding quite a bit like my "The Candy Bar Adventures" series...just saying. 

I guess the invite to turn my books into movies got lost in the mail?.....hmmmm?  Ugh, I'm starting to feel like the nice guy who finished last.

Oh, one more thing...if I were given the opportunity to turn my books into movies, I would make darn sure that "The Candy Bar Adventures" ushered in a dynamic/intelligent "Smell-o-Vision" technology that could be easily, economically, and most important - entertainingly - employed into every theater showing the movie (think Surround Sound - but for the nose).  3-D is one thing, but if you can also incorporate the sense of smell as well?...that could be pretty powerful.  You read it here first.

March  12, 2011:  Added 4 new chapter titles to the Reign of the Sweet Uniques page.

February  13, 2011:  Added a new chapter title to the Reign of the Sweet Uniques page.  It's one of the final - if not THE final - chapter titles in the book.  I felt I needed some sort of update, but I'm not 100% yet on some of the other chapter titles, so I went ahead and posted just the one.

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