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Posted: May 31, 2010

And the first three chapter titles are....


Chapter 1:  "I think the question should be, what don't I have to offer the great Mard?"

Chapter 2:  "With no heroes, there is no hope.  With no hope, there is only me."

Chapter 3:  "Heh-heh, looks like we'll all have to unite to reunite."

Chapter 4:  "Let's blow this popsicle stand!"*  Added November 27, 2010

Chapter 5:  "Bubble-gum blasters equal sugar - sugar equals wealth - wealth equals power and security!"  Added November 27, 2010

Chapter 6:  "Talk about burssssting their bubble!"  Added November 27, 2010

Chapter 7:  "How ya like me now?"  Added March 12, 2011

Chapter 8:  "Coincidence?  Yeah, I don't think so either."  Added March 12, 2011

Chapter 9:  "Apathy sours the sweetness of possibility."  Added March 12, 2011

Chapter 10:  "Looks like we're gonna have-ta go raise a big ruckus to get a lil' peace and quiet around here!"  Added March 12, 2011

Chapter 11:  "Wake up!  You're living in a dream world!"  Added August 7, 2011

Chapter 12:  "It's amazing!  It's magnificent!  It's...it's...ME!"  Added August 7, 2011

Chapter 13:  "The greatest heroes don't aspire to save you, they inspire you to save yourself."  Added November 8, 2011

Chapter 14:  "Our candy world is on the verge of everlasting happiness, and you're not going to miss it!"  Added November 8, 2011

Chapter 15:  "The nightmare you call a dream is over.  We're awake now - ALL of us!"  Added November 8, 2011

Chapter 16: "What? No. No! NO!  Are you nuts?!" Added February 13, 2011


As of November 8th, 2011, this is (tentatively) the complete Chapter List 


Posted: December 1, 2009

No new book this year...I suck.  But...it makes 2010 that much more anticipatory (wow, that was kind of a big word right there...not even sure if I used it correctly...but then again, I don't really care - it's my website).

On a side note, does anyone even use the term "Posted" anymore to denote a new addition to one's website?  Meh, probably not.  I guess I'm just kind of "old school" that way...or just old.

Anyway - Reign of the Sweet Uniques - now coming in 2010.


Posted: August 16, 2009

A couple new minor characters of note...

A couple of minor characters that will have some "page time" in the upcoming Reign of the Sweet Uniques are the thin and stretchy, near-identical, twin pieces of salt water taffy cleverly named Sol and Walter Taffy (yeah, I pat myself on the back for that one). 

These twin brothers have never known any life outside of the downtrodden and depressed Brownie Bayou, but that hasn't stopped them from pretending they are one in the same as those from the regal families of Royal Toffees or Royal Caramels.  Basically, they realized early on that they didn't have anything except each other, so they quickly learned how to make lemonade out of life's lemons.  (You see, since they're taffy, they're very flexible when it comes to handling any situation...*ah-ha-ha-ha, ha...ha....ahem*)  Anyway...

I've loosely based these two characters' personalities on the over-the-top prim and proper Goofy Gophers from the classic Looney Tunes cartoons, so it's been fun writing some really ridiculous exchanges between these two.

Fun fact:  One of these brothers first appeared near the end of March of the Evil Mard.  Never mentioned by name in that book (because I hadn't thought of a name yet at the time I wrote it), I did note, however, that Taffies like Sol and Walter originate from the coastal land of Stretchenpull (again, I patted myself on the back when I created that clever name and location...hey, someone had to).



Posted: April 4, 2009

A couple new characters of note...

Aliday Sucker is a swarmy little bugger.  His thick glasses are almost as big and round as his big, round, green lollipop head.  Said head bobbles precariously atop his pale, skinny, stick-like body - yet, his dark, slicked back (almost snake-like) hair never moves an inch.  Said hair is almost as slick (and just as greasy) as the words that come out of his mouth.  Aliday Sucker is the ultimate butt-kisser - and the evil Mard's #1 fan.  Look out Mard...look out.

The "Throwaways" are a collection of discarded, unwanted candies of all kinds, and all ages, from all parts of the candy world.  It is that frayed, common thread which binds them together, and which has bound them to the depressing, isolated, hopelessness of the murky Brownie Bayou.  Many "Throwaways" fell victim to Mard's empty promises of retribution, and traded in one nameless existence as a "Throwaway" just to become one of Mard's nameless "Assorted Cronies" - and if they were even more unlucky - one of his bland "Vanillas".  These "Throwaways" have more to offer the candy world than just a sad story of sour existence...with the right guidance...with hope...with inspiration...with goodness...these sour, common candies can show themselves and the rest of the candy world who they really are - sweet...and unique.


These two new character profiles can also be found, with all the character profiles from the other two books in the series, in the appropriately titled Character Profiles section.



Posted: March 13, 2009

Front & Back Cover

(Front Cover)

(Back Cover)

NOTE: Final Published covers won't have the watermarks plastered on them.



Posted: February 10, 2009

Returning characters. and such....

The Hero Squad (Hersh, Mick, and Snick) will obviously be back, along with the Gumball siblings Zangela and Zongel (another "no-duh" inclusion).  Also, the evil Mard will be back spewing bad puns, ridiculous one-liners, and the such (because I love bad puns and one-liners...and...because he's the main protagonist.  Sooooo, yeah, I really can't have a story at this point without him). 

Al-Mon Joie and Cinny-Mon will be back with significant roles to play as well...sig-nif-i-cant.

The sweet, exotic, peanut-buttery Bon-Bon, Szalonodi (or "Sza-Sza" as Hersh smittenly calls her) will be back in a redemptive manner.

The wise, old, Mr. P. Nut Brittle and his young, repentant protégé, LeMint, will be back to do as much good as they can.

The massive, stormy silence that is the JawBreaker Gang, led by Mouth McCracken, and faithfully followed by Eye McBlacken, Snout McFlatten, Noggin McSplitty, and Miss Coressa McCrush (well, ok, she doesn't always see eye to eye with ol' Mouth - but they make it work) will be back and ready to rumble!

The Gumballs of Yumchewz and the caramel candies of Carmelot will both try to sweeten the now sour paths they find their towns going down.

King and Queen Caramel, after a one book absence, will once again return to The Candy Bar Adventures series - in a royally big way!

...and other characters will return as well.

Finally, a couple of new characters will be introduced (well, one is a single and the other is a group) - and both will have major sweet and sour impacts on the candy world.  Who's who and who will be what?  When? How? Huh?  That info. will be coming soon...er or later.



Posted: December 23, 2008

Story teaser/synopsis to be featured on Back Cover


The entire candy world must rise to save itself from the evil Mard’s “unique” vision! 

The sourful sorrow of blandness spreads from land to land, as the Vanillas’ infiltration is at hand.

Our Hero Squad (Hersh, Mick, and Snick) must overcome a situation that is dire, and bring their unique abilities together once again to inspire.

Zangela and Zongel’s discovered treasure may unlock greater riches still - the undiscovered promise of skill and talents to deliver a more flavorful balance.

Carmelot and Yumchewz must remember their goodness and old lessons taught, or other lands’ bravery and sacrifice will be for naught.

Though, the sweetest turn may be the opening of sour eyes and hollow cores - allowing the mind to discern the good from the bad, the sane from the mad.

Each and every confection must learn just how important they really are in making their candy world as sweet as it always has been….as it always must be…as it always will be.




October 24, 2008:  A few themes to look for in the upcoming book

Stop and smell the roses - unsurpassable wealth hides in plain view

Beware the butt-kisser - their intentions stink

Be proud of who you are - and prouder of those who aren't

Be careful what you wish for

The greatest heroes don't aspire to save you - they inspire you to save yourself

Nature's perfection is imperfection...nature's imperfection is perfection (I think I just hurt my head)

A pie sliced sweetens many - a pie whole sours all


August 10, 2008:  Title of 3rd book revealed...more to come.

Check back periodically as more info. is revealed.  Working toward a late 2009 release of - Reign of the Sweet Uniques!!!!


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