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March of the Evil Mard


February, 2010: Now available on the Kindle...

March of the Evil Mard is now available in e-book format for the Amazon Kindle (and its related apps) for $2.99...follow link below:

The Candy Bar Adventures: March of the Evil Mard (Kindle Edition) at Amazon.com


April 12, 2008:  Book excerpts posted throughout 2007

As I was working on March of the Evil Mard throughout 2007, I posted some extra book excerpts (outside of the full Prologue/Chapter One previews for both books) for both The Battle of Caramel Castle and March of the Evil Mard in the news/updates section.  Those updates from 2007 have been moved to its own Archive page; so, as a matter of convenience, those excerpts from  March of the Evil Mard are also shown below...


October 1, 2007: 

This dialogue tidbit comes from the upcoming March of the Evil Mard...this comes from a chapter that I'm not entirely done with yet, so a few things may still change here and there - however, this is also a chapter that I'm having a lot of fun writing so far.  I'm really proud of the new characters that will debut in this part of the book.

What follows is Zangela and Zongel's unintended discovery of these new characters...


             Zangela and Zongel had made it to the densest portion of the Great Mint Leaf Forest.  The source of the milky river leading to the dangerous Brownie Bayou was closer than ever – but so was one of the bigger dangers in this forest.

            “Remember when Grandpa used to tell us bedtime stories of giant candies that would lurk deep within this very Great Mint Leaf Forest, snatching up little candies that were loud and noisy?” asked Zangela in a whispered voice.

            “Yeah, those stories used to make me pull my cellophane covers up over my head when I would sleep,” remarked Zongel…in a normal-volumed voice.

            “Well, this sure looks like the area he used to describe in those stories.  You better keep your voice down, Zo,” noted Zangela, still whispering.

            “Oh c’mon, Sis!” Zongel loudly remarked, “He would just tell us that stuff so we would be quiet and go to sleep!  Nothing is going to snatch us up just because we talk too loud!”  Zongel began to giggle at his sister’s gullibility, and then as an added measure, yelled out “YOU HEAR ME OUT THERE? NOTHING!!!  HA-HA-HA!”

            “Zo!  Be quiet!” Zangela softly reprimanded.  “Don’t you remember what they were called?” she added.

            “Yeah,” Zongel answered, still laughing, as the two Gumballs turned a corner which led into one of the few clearings in this portion of the forest.  “They were called - ” but Zongel screeched his Pattywagon to a sudden stop and Zangela’s mouth fell open - no sound escaping it.

            “ – JawBreakers!” yelped Zongel in a barely-audible, high-pitched voice.  A stream of gummy bubbles began to shoot out of his nose!

            Zangela and Zongel were frozen in place as they stared wide-eyed at the five gumball-esque creations standing in front of them…five gumball-esque creations that were at least ten-times their size!


I'm tellin' ya, the JawBreakers are going to be a great addition to The Candy Bar Adventures!!!


August 2, 2007:  The newest tidbit of dialogue comes from the upcoming March of the Evil Mard... A new character to the book series receives his first reward for his newfound kindness and caring toward others - a name of his very own...


Mr. Brittle paused for a brief moment to let the emotional tale of this young, lemony candy sink in.  He pushed his small glasses up to settle in place on his peanut-y nose and lifted his gaze skyward in thought…“LeMint”, Mr. Brittle simply stated as he returned his focus to the forlorn candy in front of him.

            The young candy gave a quizzical look in response.

            “You are nameless no more.  I’ll call you 'LeMint '...if you don’t mind?” remarked Mr. Brittle.

            The normally sad, almost painful, look in LeMint’s face lessened somewhat to a fairly appreciative nod of acknowledgement.  For a candy whose existence had rarely ever been acknowledged, let alone been seen as unique enough to warrant a name, the suddenness of now having a name, a unique name of his very own, was a bit overwhelming.

            “Though sweet fortune may have picked the candies to the right and to the left of you from the onset, I believe it has found you now.”

            “How so?” asked LeMint.

            “Well, when you turn your sourness into sweetness, you cast…a ‘light’.  That ‘light’ makes it easier for fortune to find you…cast your ‘light’ bright enough, and you’ll allow sweet fortune to find those around you as well.”

            LeMint stared downward at the sun-baked chocolate and caramel-swirled ground as he tried to take in everything that Mr. Brittle was telling him.  After a brief moment, LeMint looked back up and politely responded, “Thanks, Mr. Brittle. I think I understand.  I better get back to work.”

            As LeMint returned to helping with the construction of another grand Carmelot home, Mr. Brittle looked on with pride and remarked softly to himself, “Don’t worry LeMint, through your sadness you will find happiness.”


June 14, 2007: 

The following exchange of dialogue between the ever-ridiculous, ever-evil scheming Mard and *???*, takes place in the upcoming March of the Evil Mard...


Mard had both fists planted on the side of his hips as he stared up and off into the distance, unblinking. 

“So, what’s with the ‘superhero’ pose?  Joining the Hero Squad?”

“Well, no, I, um, I had big news to share with you and I wanted to be ready when you walked in.  Big news deserves a big pose!”

“Mmm-hmm, and just how long have you been standing there like that?”

“About five minutes,” Mard flatly stated.



Posted: January 20, 2008

The book is now also available to purchase from Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com


Posted: November 29, 2007

The book is now available to purchase!

Currently, it is only available through Lulu.com; but within the next few weeks, it should start showing up on all the major web-retail sites which sell books - Amazon.com; Barnes&Noble.com; etc. 

You'll find the links here just as soon as I see it available at those other sites.

If you decide to purchase this book, I sure thank you!  Enjoy!...I really think you will!


Posted: November 24, 2007

FINALLY!!!  The book is finished!

If all goes well, MARCH OF THE EVIL MARD will be available the first week of December.

Check back soon!


Posted: January 2, 2007

Expanded Preview now available!

Posted as a "sorry 'bout that" for not finishing the full book by the end of 2006 as I had originally planned...however - it's coming...slowly, but surely!


NOTE:  Original pdf file has been removed (6-26-2010) - Link above now takes you to expanded preview on Google Books site.


Posted: October 1, 2006

Read the Prologue Here!

NOTE:  Original pdf file has been removed (6-26-2010) - Link above now takes you to expanded preview on Google Books site.


Posted: August 20, 2006 (Updated: October 1, 2007)

The Candy Bar Adventures: March of the Evil Mard

Chapter List


Chapter 1:  "His flavor will be everlasting."

Chapter 2:  "You know, you were right...you do have to stay one step ahead of your opponent."

Chapter 3:  "What hope can be found in a place so hopeless?"

Chapter 4:  "Don't worry LeMint, through your sadness you will find happiness."

Chapter 5:  "Stop!  We've caught you red-handed!"

Chapter 6:  "Ah!  Now that's what I call 'cutting straight to the core'!  Hersh is doomed."

Chapter 7:  "Perfection.  Sweet.  Perfection."

Chapter 8:  "It's been done...their treasure now awaits them."

Chapter 9:  "I've heard of being 'blinded by love', but I had no idea it could deafen you as well!"

Chapter 10:  "Amazing.  The riches of our communal poverty have been robbed by solitary wealth."

Chapter 11:  "Look at them Al-Mon!  Not even a mirror could show me such looks of admiration!"

Chapter 12: "I've always hated this place."

Chapter 13: "Afraid?!  Don't you remember when I drove that Jellybean Jeep?!"  "Yes.  That's why I'm afraid."

Chapter 14: "We're too late."

Chapter 15: "If my core is so hollow, why is it filled with such ache?"*

Chapter 16: "Does it get any sweeter than this?"


Posted: July 20, 2006

Front & Back Cover


(Front Cover)

(Back Cover)

NOTE: Final Published covers won't have the watermarks plastered on them.


Posted: May 10, 2006

Story teaser/synopsis to be featured on Back Cover

The Battle of Caramel Castle has ended, but a bigger battle is brewing! 

While Carmelot rebuild Caramel Castle and mend fresh wounds, Zangela and Zongel return to Yumchewz to find that old wounds are about to reopen.  Perhaps no greater wound will be suffered though than by our Hero Squad (Hersh, Mick, and Snick) when a sweet, mysterious confection enters their lives. 

Meanwhile, Mard’s unquenchable desire to be the richest, most famous, and most admired, will lead to a creation that could devastate the entire candy world – the Cookie Cutter!

New adventures will begin for all – and all will be shook to their candy core! 


Our Hero Squad march toward an unseen danger…a danger formed from within.

Zangela and Zongel march toward hope…a hope wrought from despair.

And naïve masses from every land in the candy world march toward a shared fate…a fate “cut” from a “common” mold.


The march toward a new battle has begun –

Deception, jealousy, and greed will lead the way…



The next exciting book in The Candy Bar Adventuresseries will be available November, 2006!!!!

In the meantime, ponder these first few tidbits...

What has become of Carmelot after "The Battle of Caramel Castle"?

Will the Hero Squad join forces once again with Zangela and Zongel?

What will Zangela and Zongel discover in the chest left behind by Grandpa?

Will the evil Mard continue to spew out bad puns and dorky one-liners? (Actually I can answer that one now: YES!)

What mysteries lurk within the murky Brownie Bayou?

Who is Szalonodi?

...and just what is - the "Cookie Cutter"?


Be sure to check back often for sneak peeks as the book progresses towards its completion!


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