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News item from January 17, 2007

January 17, 2007:  Received a cool piece of mail yesterday...Last year I had entered The Battle of Caramel Castle in Writer's Digest's 14th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards.  Well, I had already found out that I hadn't won in the category I had entered, or for the Overall award, so I took it like any "good sport" would and dejectedly mumbled - "I bet they didn't even read my dang book!  How could I have not won anything?!"

Turns out, though, my book did get read and judged, as not only did I receive my Certificate for participating in the Awards competition (Yeah, I know - whoop-dee-do!), but I was also sent the Judge's Score/Commentary Sheet.  Upon reading said Commentary Sheet, I instantly swelled with pride as the judge's comments really gave me a nice shot of confidence!  Read the scanned image below:

So, basically if it wasn't for my rather plain cover design (and I'm sure my somewhat lame artwork on the back) I might have won a dang award!  Ah, oh well - I just care about the quality of my writing and story-telling, and it seems I really did quite well!  I know my cover design and art skills are below par, but the writing is what matters most to me, and I have to admit, it felt really good to read such complimentary remarks.  And you know, I think I may just take that judge's advice and start submitting my book (and the next one when I have it finished) to the major publishers.  Perhaps they could team me up with a professional cover designer and pump a little promotional clout into these books - then who knows? - maybe The Candy Bar Adventures series could finally hit the big time!

Though a poor cover (packaging) prevented my book from possibly winning an award, it just goes to show - You can't judge a book by its cover!!!!

February, 2010: Now available on the Kindle...

The Battle of Caramel Castle is now available in e-book format for the Amazon Kindle (and its related apps) for $2.99...follow link below:

The Candy Bar Adventures: The Battle of Caramel Castle (Kindle Edition) at Amazon.com

April 12, 2008:  Book excerpts posted throughout 2007

As I was working on March of the Evil Mard throughout 2007, I posted some extra book excerpts (outside of the full Prologue/Chapter One previews for both books) for both The Battle of Caramel Castle and March of the Evil Mard in the news/updates section.  Those updates from 2007 have been moved to its own Archive page; so, as a matter of convenience, those excerpts from The Battle of Caramel Castle are also shown below...


November 1, 2007: 

Anyway, this month's dialogue tidbit is just that - a small tidbit...well, in size - but not in scope.  The following is from the currently available book - The Battle of Caramel Castle...

          "What's in the chest?" asked Zongel as he tried unsuccessfully to snuff back his tears.

           As Grandpa's eyes began to close, his last breath whispered - "Hope."


September 6, 2007: 

A longer tidbit of dialogue, etc., this go around (because I missed my last scheduled update, and probably won't update again until the beginning of October).  This newest bit comes from the currently available book - The Battle of Caramel Castle...The two Gumball siblings, Zangela and Zongel, have just begun their trek toward Caramel Castle, and Zongel is letting his negativity get the best of him again - much to Zangela's chagrin...


           The candy sky was free of any cotton candy cloud cover, leaving the afternoon sun to freely bake the chocolate ground into a crispy, yet fluffy, brownie-like state.  Zangela knelt down and, with a small metal spatula, cut out a wedge of the brownie-esque surface for both her and Zongel to eat.  Returning the spatula to the backpack of assorted goodies hanging on the back of Zongel’s Pattywagon, she remarked with a mouthful of brownie, “I’m so glad it’s a nice, sunny day today.  I was craving sun-baked brownie!”

            “Yeah, it’s ok I guess,” replied Zongel, not really sharing Zangela’s enthusiasm. 

            “What’s your problem this time?” asked Zangela, as she was not in the mood to listen to any of Zongel’s negativity.

“It’s taking us forever to get there.  We’re not even half-way there yet, and I’m already getting tired of rolling down this path,” lamented Zongel.

            “Tired?  How do you think I feel walking this whole way,” snapped Zangela.

            “Oh, gee, sorry…I feel so bad for your two functional legs,” replied Zongel with sarcastic dismay.  “Would you like to switch places with me?”

            “You know, in this case I would!  You basically have a little motorized vehicle carrying you along…you’re not so bad off in this case – so shut up!” retorted Zangela with much vigor as she was definitely not in any mood now to listen to Zongel complain.

            “You shut up!” snapped Zongel, as he swerved and ran over Zangela’s foot before she could move out of the way.

            “OUCH!  ZO!” yelped Zangela, and she promptly hopped over and smacked Zongel in the back of his head, knocking his cap off in the process.  The pain was really shooting in her foot this time which led her to do something she had never done before in the countless scuffles between her and Zongel…still in the process of putting his cap back on, Zongel was totally startled to find himself being picked up and tossed out of his chair – landing with a harsh thud on the ground!

            “Let’s see how much you complain now!” snapped Zangela as she plopped herself into the Pattywagon, squeezed the “Forward” control, and sped off.  Zongel laid on the ground a moment still in shock, and then without saying a word, began to pull himself along with his hands – besides being the only Gumball to ever be born without any legs, he was also the only one ever to be born with an oval-shaped body – a shape that did not allow him to roll like the other perfectly round-shaped Gumballs.

            Zangela had gone a short distance when she turned around to face Zongel to let him have it with another round of scolding – but what she saw melted her gummy core instead of hardening it.  The sight of her brother creeping along with just the use of his hands, and the sad look of determination in his big oval eyes, almost made her tear up. She quickly pushed the angering pain in her foot aside and rolled back over to Zongel.


July 16, 2007:  Another exchange of dialogue from the currently available book - The Battle of Caramel Castle...

King and Queen Caramel are having a heated "discussion" with the traitorous General, Sir Cus Peanut.  Chief among Sir Cus Peanut's many character flaws are jealousy and a false sense of entitlement (two items which mix together effortlessly...kind of like peanut butter and chocolate - but in a bad way); these two flaws shine flawlessly in the following exchange:


           “That’s a little better.  A weaker confection might have suffered a hollow core from that remark, but as for me, it just keeps the fire burning…thank you for lighting it so many years ago,” said Cus, as he now stood directly in front of Queen Caramel just staring.

            “Where are you Cus?!” yelled King Caramel as he tried to twist and turn in his chair to see behind him.  “If you even attempt to touch her -”

            “You’ll…do…what?!” interrupted Cus.  “Just shut up brother and go back to dreaming your silly, useless dreams.  They call you the ‘Dreamer King’ with such affection, but all I ever saw was laziness!  Some king you are.  You’re pathetic!  The only reason you’re a king is because you were lucky enough to be born into it.  You’ve earned nothing!  I’ve earned everything!  I deserve everything you have!  EVERYTHING! and with that, Sir Cus grabbed Queen Caramel’s soft, chocolate and toffee swirled neck and planted a kiss right on her lips!


So what happened next?  Well, purchase a copy of The Battle of Caramel Castle to find out!  Aw, c'mon, you knew that was comin'!


July 1, 2007:  The following nugget of goodness is from the currently available book - The Battle of Caramel Castle...


“...HA-HA!  Get it?  The pepper-meant to do it!  Ooooohhhh yeah...peppermint...pepper-meant...Sweet sugar!  That was a good one," marveled Mard at his witty punch line.

"Heh...heh," snickered Snick the best he could.  If this is his form of torture, it's starting to work, he thought.


11/10/2005: The book is now available to purchase through Lulu.com!!!

12/1/2005: The book is also now available through the following Major online retailers:


Barnes & Noble.com





Rest of the World

Canada: Amazon.ca

UK: Amazon.co.uk

Germany: Amazon.de

France: Amazon.fr

Japan: Amazon.co.jp

The evil Mard & his band of assorted cronies have teamed with a traitorous General with intentions set on overtaking one of the wealthiest and most revered of places in the world of candy - The Castle of King and Queen Caramel!  Hersh and his two sidekicks, Mick & Snick, must attempt a daring rescue (along with a little help from a brother-sister duo) if they hope to defeat Mard and save the Royal Caramels.  This battle between good and evil will ensnare more than just our small band of heroes...and that could end up being Mard & Co.'s biggest blunder!

Posted: July 4, 2005

First illustration from upcoming book

Posted: July 17, 2005

First dialogue tidbit from upcoming book

"No!!! Mard wants them alive!  Set your bubble gum blasters to - sugar free!"

Posted: July 18, 2005

Another dialogue tidbit from upcoming book

This is Queen Caramel talking to King Caramel

"Giving so much focus to dreams which have none is fruitless.  Even dreams need direction.  Make your dreams a reality and inspire others to dream just as you do!"

Posted: August 10, 2005

Preliminary title for the new book:

The Candy Bar Adventures: The Battle of Caramel Castle

Posted: September 5, 2005

The Candy Bar Adventures: The Battle of Caramel Castle

Chapter List

Chapter 1:  "You're nuts!!"

Chapter 2:  "Have you ever dropped your Lolli on a dirty floor? It's not a pretty sight."

Chapter 3:  "Actually, it's primarily bait.  'Total destruction' is just a tasty little side dish."

Chapter 4:  "I know those eyes."

Chapter 5:  "Whoa! Easy! There's no need to fear me."

Chapter 6:  "Going to Caramel Castle, eh?  You two better come with us."

Chapter 7:  "So, the Great Hero has arrived...this is going to be big."

Chapter 8:  "They praise me.  They praise us.  I now fear this praise has been undeserved."

Chapter 9:  "Set your bubble-gum blasters to - sugar free!"

Chapter 10: "You know, I'm really enjoying this."

Chapter 11: "It's a gum-drop!!"

Chapter 12: "If he's going to rescue them...who's going to rescue him?"

Chapter 13: "Love.  What a waste."

Chapter 14: "I have a dream..."

Posted: October 1, 2005

Front & Back Book Cover images - AND - Chapter 1 in its entirety for you to read and enjoy (and hopefully whet your appetite for the entire book!)

Read the First Chapter Here!

NOTE:  Original pdf file has been removed (6-26-2010) - Link above now takes you to expanded preview on Google Books site.


Front Cover


Back Cover (& Spine)


NOTE:  Watermark images located at center of Covers will not be on final published version.

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